Footsteps of Paul Book Design
Interior layout design for the Bayside Church Footsteps of Paul Mediterranean Experience booklet. This project is primarily a resource book with space to take notes. With such a large amount of information, visual organization ranked as the top priority. Primarily used on a cruise, the color scheme was intentionally curated to reflect the Mediterranean scenes of the trip.
Event Content
This is a collection of events where I have collaborated on live events via LED content.
Foundations Book Design
Book cover & interior layout design for Foundations: Become What You Believe, a devotional. Visual Objectives: Clean, clear and approachable. Style Objectives: Trendy, Mountain Imagery & Majestic
Teaching Series Design
Teaching series designs for Flatirons Church Ministries. Each series serves a unique audience with a different teaching theme - balancing clear communication with an attractive style. Individual series are further built out to include social media and teaching resources.
Flatirons FORGED Logo Design
This logo is is striking and versatile for multiple applications. The anvil is the main imagery used, an essential tool for working metals. The addition of sparks signifies the process and action of refining. The tagline describes the actions of FORGE, "Shaping Boys into Godly Men". In the same way the tagline border unifies the logo into a simple shape, the circle. Circles are commonly associated with community and unity.
Flatirons College Handbook
Book cover & interior layout design for Flatirons College. Style objectives include turning an information-heavy document into a clear, brand-consistent handbook inviting students to consider getting an education from Flatirons College.
Teacher Serve Days Branding
The branding for Teacher Serve Days demanded a look appealing to kids and adults while inspiring excitement about the new school year. The iconography was manipulated to emulate the colored look of doodles made in a notebook. In addition to a multi-page pamphlet, the brand was built out for social media, flyers and customizable door hangars for each teacher.
Faith Journey Book Series
For this project, Faith Journey Ministries wanted a complete re-design for their workbook series that would appeal to women regardless of background or age, solidifying them as a home staple. This design is minimalistic, able to work in any home regardless of style. Pops of color draw attention to and separate each book within the series.
Social Media Content
This is a collection of social media assets created to promote events and content.
ULEAD Event Branding
The ULEAD event is an appreciation night aimed at church volunteers of all stages (rookie to lifetime!) The client desired a look that was extravagant with a Gatsby-twist. Using this framework, this brand includes striking and versatile content used in promotional materials and day of event elements.
Mother's Day Social Media Assets
A spring inspired look for social media posts and on campus branding during Mother's Day weekend.
The Good News
Sermon Series design pitch for "The Good News". The series goal was to contrast good news with world chaos. This pitch uses newspapers to represent attention, chaos and drama. In contrast, the newspaper content and green imagery incorporates growth, newness and the good.
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